Here you will be finding an extensive serie with embroidered squares from Sadja.

These series were chosen for this site because in a way they call for telling a story, similar to a comic. (They are not for sale.)

We want to encourage you writing short stories, poems, fables or something else. So in this case the embroideries are not an invitation to create a textile work, but an invitation to dress them with words. Your text should be directly related to the pictures. You don`t have to describe all pictures and it`s also possible to change the arrangement of pictures. In that case, please number your individual arrangement.

Are you inspired?

What you should pay attention to:

You can hand in exclusively those texts and poems which you have written by yourself; other people`s texts, also those available on the internet, shouldn`t be sent in.

Always enter the story directly on the corresponding site. Add your full name, country and email address. The texts have to be submitted by Pascale Goldenberg before they appear on the site. This is just a safeguard measure and is expressively not directed against reliable participants of this action.

By sending in a text you agree that your text will be submitted to be viewed by the users of this website. This means you provide the text without requiring payment. If you don`t want a text to be published anymore, just send an email to Pascale Goldenberg and she will remove it immediately. In the event that the text is abused by third parties, DAI e.V. cannot assume liability.

The texts are not translated, but they are published on the German, French or English site, depending on their original language. If you are interested in reading the French or English texts, select the corresponding language button.

Appeal to the visitors of the site: The texts published here have been submitted. They make valuable contributions to a positive cooperation between Afghan women and Europeans. You are invited to enjoy them, but not using them for other purposes. In case you would like to further dispose of a text, please ask Pascale Goldenberg for the author. She will establish contacts so that you can ask for permission.

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