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    No commission will be charged on sales of the artwork. In the case of a sale, a donation to embroidery emergency aid is requested.

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    *The works are only insured in the course of the 27th Patchwork Meeting in Sainte-Marie-aux-Mines, France; not during other presentations.

    With this registration I confirm my participitation in the competition »Hand in Hand« of the Deutsch-Afghan-Initiative, Freiburg, Germany, and – if my work is selected – it will be at your disposal from 2021 to 2023 for a travelling exhibit. I am prepared to cover the cost of postage should my work be chosen. I am aware that I may submit 2 works, each with a separate application and only one of which may ultimately be selected. The application process is not complete until the participation fee of 5 Euro has been received (for further information see page 5 of the Requirements: Competition, »Competition Funding«). Should my work be selected I am prepared to pay an additional 10 Euro. This sum covers a portion of the costs of the travelling exhibit.

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    Width (in cm) – max. 80 cm; exceptions for circles: 84 cm diametre*

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    Name of the Afghan embroiderer, whose »Hand-embroidery« was incorporated (if known)

    Description of materials and techniques used: *

    Comments (if desired)

    I have taken note of and accept the rules of participation for the competition and exhibit »Hand in Hand«.

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    Please note: do not send printed photos!

    1.) 1 photo of the entire work. Please name the jpg data files as follows: Last Name_First Name_Country abbreviation ((i. e. Miller_Bridget_NL.jpg) *

    2.) photo depicting a detail 1: (i.e. Miller_Bridget_NL_Detail1.jpg) *

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