Strange and fabulous, fantastic bestiary

In all areas and cultures, from Europe to Asia and America, fantastic beasts have always been presented in art (painting, ceramics, frescoes, or tapestries). Since antique times, artisans have been using this pool of ideas stemming from religion and mythology, and modern contemporary artists still do that.

We do not present models to the Afghan embroiderers, who often are not familiar with the use of a pencil, and it is not easy to depict an animal in correct proportions. Thus, we can find many droll beasts but full of charm!

It was out of the question to discard these embroideries, many of which are several years old. Especially a comparison of these old items with new ones makes it possible to appreciate and enjoy the progress the embroiderers have been making.

It is a positive development in several respects: Daring to use more different colours in a small area, managing the animal’s proportions, refining details. These droll beasts were clamouring for a spirited awareness that may be a bit weird but is irresistible!

There are still such pieces between amazement and charm, allow yourselves to be enchanted. Be brave and enter into a creative adventure.

Our bestiary has developed from ancient and unsellable embroideries, resulting in an eclectic painting reminding of a chamber of wonders.

Sewing: Pascale Goldenberg and Martine Molet

Decoration and refining: Petra Dämisch, Annette Daub, Sybille Freyler, Frances Fry, Pascale Goldenberg, Antje Walter