Catalog of Scars

The study on the subject of “scars” does not want to reproduce scars in a natural way, but rather deals with the impressions that scars convey and are left behind as traces.

The catalog in the form of a textile book consists of 25 fabric pages. Each individually worked page presents an embroidered design that is applied to one side of the fabric.

The entire embroidery and sewing work was done by hand.

The pages are of different sizes, the respective areas vary between 15 x 25 cm and 42 x 50 cm.

The materials consist of white, disused bed sheets, embroidery threads of various qualities, including stitching thread, silk, wool, linen, industrially dyed and sometimes self-dyed.

For some relief-like designs, materials, so-called “objets trouvés” (found objects), such as cords, wire, clips, etc. were used underlaid or hung up.

The free embroidery was carried out with various embroidery stitches.