Disguised Looks

There is a big discrepancy between my personal situation as a Western European and that of Afghan women. I myself am “free” and have the opportunity to travel to Afghanistan at any time, while the Afghan women, who do not even have an identity card, are “unfree” in that they are often not allowed to make decisions independently, such as whether their daughters should go to school are not allowed to leave their yard independently and can only appear in public wearing a full veil. As a metaphorical vehicle for this special global problem, I chose the “Tshaderi”, the full veil of the Afghan rural woman.
Over the years, I have created a series of my own artistic “full veils”, which I have put together as an exhibition under the title “Disguised Looks”. This series continues to grow; the personal processing is not yet complete.
I repeatedly design my own “full veils”, which in their ensemble form the global work “Disguised Looks”. In this extensive series, I personally reflect on visible/hidden, protected/hurt, openness/restraint in both cultures, which are far apart from each other. These works correspond to the findings of my thoughts and interpretations: a European view, somewhat unsettled and confused in the face of this radical tradition. My artistic work is impressed by the lightness and transparency of the fabric, but also by the “visual grid” that imprisons and protects the Afghan woman in the countryside at the same time.