Donation opportunities

During the last years many of those who were enthusiastic about the embroideries and the overall concept have raised the question whether it would be possible to donate for the embroidery project.
However, this generous gesture did not directly comply with the embroidery project because according to law the project has to be self-sufficient due to the sale of the embroideries.
In spring 2012 a donation account called SNH (Sticknothilfe = embroidery emergency aid) was opened at the DAI. Because of the many embroiderers being in financial difficulties I supported the idea of creating this account. In the meantime there are 5 families of embroiderers (widows)who are supported financially, each receiving 10€ per family member a month. (For more details have a look at travel report 6.)
There is only one embroiderer who also gets financial support. She graduated* and has been studying for 2 years now . So with that kind of support she can afford daily commuting to Tsharikar by rickshaw as well as purchasing books. * As a pupil with the status of a half-orphan, DAI granted a pupil sponsorship up to then; with graduation this kind of sponsorship ends. (You will find more details on pupil sponsorships on the DAI website.)
In the villages word has gotten around that we try to give every girl who embroiders financial support, provided that they decide to take up studies.
Only if there is enough money in the SNH-budget (existing since 2012), we will be considering whether to grant financial support for all girls of the 4 villages.
Unfortunately, there are still very few girls who dare to take the step attending secondary school: their fathers or fathers-in-law won`t allow. Which means that financial support as such wouldn`t be an adequate solution for prospective female students to achieve a better level of education . The ideological barriers which are an obstacle to striving for a higher education would not be eliminated. Before anything else can be achieved men must radically change their way of thinking and on the part of women much patience and a strong will to fight is needed. Only if and when these obstacles have been overcome,will our financial support become an effective element in the mosaic of successful education. Only then will an increasing number of girls be able to gain a university degree in Tsharikar, 12km away.