Sewing book covers
in a further education college

(2 year vocational courses,
specialist subject home economics and nutrition)

Afghanistan was chosen as the theme for this year’s Women’s Week in Bad Saulgau which takes place in March to coincide with International Women´s Day. An exhibition entitled ‘Blossom Fantasies’ was shown at the Literaturcafé Colibri, and in our school an about 30m long piece of the ‘Green Carpet’ was on display for two months. So it made perfect sense to integrate the subject into the curriculum, too.
During the previous year we had dyed fabrics in class: these were used in various ways in the textile work. As a final piece the students made fabric covers for their folders that had become somewhat worn with use and thus acquired a new life.
All the students also took part in the ‘Green Carpet’ project.
Text and photographs by Margreth Rößler-Wacker
Translated into English by Solveigh Goett