Textiles connect

Dear Ms Goldenberg,
We are a year 8 and year 9 class and would like to take part in a competition called ‘Textiles connect.’
We have been asking neighbours, family and friends of the school if they have any spare fabric for us – even better if it comes with a story attached.
We want to make stars out of the fabric, with an embroidery by Halema at the centre. And then sew together sixteen of these stars into a big blanket.
We have got a few questions and would be pleased if you could answer them.
1. Why do you help Halema and the other women?
2. If we write a letter to Halema, will she be able to read it at all?
3. Could you send us some flyers so that we can put them in our box for the competition?
4. Do you have a photo of Halema and if so, could you send us a copy?
Kind regards
Year 8/9 of Wilhelm-Busch-Schule, Meßstetten
T.Senin, class representative, Wilhelm-Busch Förderschule