How to use the embroideries in your own projects: ideas to inspire
We would like to thank the many people who were willing to share their artwork with us.
If you would like to see more decorative and artistic work, please click on the ‘exhibition’ link in the menu bar.
Have you done some interesting work that you would like to share? Then please email Pascale Goldenberg with your suggestions. We are looking for works that use a variety of materials (e.g. paper, leather, wood or metal) and are created with different techniques to serve as examples how the embroidered squares can be integrated into your own work.
The works in this gallery are not for sale, but to inspire your own creations. The makers have kindly agreed to their images being published on this site for this sole purpose. Please respect their copyright and do not download, copy, print, publish or distribute the images. If you are interested in purchasing or commissioning similar works. please e-mail Pascale Goldenberg who will put you in touch with the maker.