from Uschi Brenner

Once upon a time …
… a woman ordered a piece of embroidery from another woman that was made by yet another woman. And the first woman liked the embroidery very much, and the story that came with it, too. And she thought, I’m curious to see how this will continue! And the second woman was very clever and had great ideas how to help the third woman and her friends who were living in a far-away country. The first woman got involved in various activities and tried to make a small contribution with her own modest means, because she thought:
doing good and having fun at the same time, that’s excellent!
And so she continued to order more and more embroideries from Pascale Goldenberg that had been made by the women from Laghmani and Sharak and marvelled each time when she saw how they went from strength to strength, and she kept her treasures in a large shoebox.
And whenever the first woman has a bit of time to spare, she takes a little bag with one of those hand-crafted pieces that have travelled from afar out of the shoebox, pulls open her drawer full of ideas, gathers matching fabric, thread and beads, jumps to her to her sewing machine and starts stitching and stitching and stitching and stitching and stitching …
Written by Uschi Brenner (Germany)
Translated into English by Solveigh Goett