Embroidered squares can be perfectly integrated in a pillow – for example by different patchwork-techniques.

We would like to thank the many people who willingly provided us with their elaborated and artful objects, serving as examples. As these objects are seen as a source of inspiration and ideas for you, they are not for sale. However, should you wish to order a similar object we can help you to contact the designer.

For decorative and artistic works of art please go to chapter “exhibition”

Have you also got something interesting to show? Please contact Pascale Goldenberg by e-mail. We are always looking for works made of different materials and with different techniques showing the many means of how to integrate the embroidered squares in your own works.

These pictures have been kindly given to us by the designers. Please treat them honestly and with respect: They can neither be downloaded nor published as these offers serve the designers’ personal requirements.