A new GULDUSI gallery –

Evolved from an optical error, or some other workings of my brain –

When my eyes, helter-skelter,

See a small bag with Afghan embroideries

Where a colourful embroidered snake wriggles upwards

And my brain

Just like that, apparently perfectly without reason,



It turned out to be a mistake, but this error was cleared up and new ideas were created from it. Thus, during her next journey Pascale asked some embroiderers to do some pieces with the pharma-logo.

Incidentally, the term “pharmacie“ travelled from occident to orient, it is the Afghan word for “chemist’s”, and so the context was created.

Here the marvellous results are now offered. They may easily be used in the creation od little bags or sachets – decorative and handy for small “emergency equipment”, such as drops, tablets and band-aids or regularly needed medicine.

Uschi Brenner, long-term follower of Guldusi, February 2022