Belts embroidered in Laghmani

These ribbons weren’t originally ordered in this form. In 2011 some of the women had the idea to make use of the space that sometimes remained on their embroidered cloths, to create a ribbon. I found this a good idea, as the complete cloth is returned to us in any case.
I also noticed that some women produced much better embroidery in this form, compared with the squares. Thus Bibigul, Guti and Ruhgol will sew ribbons instead of squares in the future.
Remember that every embroiderer is assigned a certain number of embroidered squares per quarter. The number ranges from 10 to 80 squares, depending on the age of the embroiderer, the quality of her work (creativity and painstaking execution) plus the sales potential in Europe
Some embroiderers have tried to deliver more than their assigned number, for example 25 instead of 20 squares. In order to avoid overproduction, the 5 extra squares are cut out and removed right away at the collection point. This may sound severe, but without such measures there unfortunately would be no limits, and the women would deliver more and more work, resulting in declining quality and unmanageable transport and sales problems in Europe.
Take a look at the gallery with the items. You will see that these ribbons are also very well suited to being used in various useful items.