Silk by Léman

Léman Club Switzerland, Challenge 2013
The idea of this challenge was born when organizing the opening day of the members of the Swiss Association of patchwork’s meeting in 2012. On this occasion, the club decided to sell Afghan embroidery to support the association sponsored by Pascale Goldenberg.
There were fifty embroideries made by ethnic Hazara women living in a town called Sharak in Afghanistan. The idea to offer them as challenge for our forthcoming exhibition in 2013 became an evidence. The club decided to fund the Hazara embroidery for its members and Patricia Fuentes, organizer of the challenge, distributed them with standard instructions: dimensions 32 x 48 cm, specify the name of the embroidery and highlight it.
More than 35 members of our club participated and made these little quilts with lots of creativity and diversity. These are the quilts which you can see in this gallery. Enjoy!
Text: Marianne Bender-Chevalley, translated by Patricia Fuentes