The Vanishing Table

The vanishing table
This exhibition project is a cooperation of the cultural institution „Beckericher Mühle” in Luxemburg and the DAI in Freiburg.
All 70 works submitted were presented at the grand and very successful vernissage on 16 March 2017 in Beckerich, Luxemburg. During the following months, the exhibition was shown in various places in Luxemburg. At the Mill in Beckerich, Pascale Goldenberg selected 50 pieces to go on the travelling exhibition that was shown in Germany and France and is still on tour. If you are interested to follow its path, you will find the dates of upcoming exhibitions in the event calendar in the archive of dates.
On the right, you can find a small selection conveying an impression of the imaginative exhibition. The participation requirements stated that at least three embroideries of fruit and/or vegetable motifs from Afghan women had to be incorporated into a table-runner sized 30×90 cm. The textile techniques used were at the participants’ discretion. The designers had the – not so easy – task to produce a piece that could be presented vertically in the exhibition, but would probably be used horizontally on a table at home. The works of the first five winners (popular in Luxemburg) show a good cross section of the wide varieties of this exhibition. The creative elements are often symmetrical and show enormous technical abilities. The work of Nathalie Langehegermann, for example, is indeed a poetic illustration of the Grimms’ fairy tale. The next two pieces are particularly original in their Egyptian references. The presentation of a Biblical quotation together with the sentence an apple a day… returns to our own traditions. The exhibition continues with several poetical works that move along the narrow edge between authentic expression of feelings and expressive kitsch. Two more works incorporate vegetables. The final groups of works are very beautiful, with western tradition flirting with colourful embroideries – convincing proof that orient and occident can meet in felicitous ways after all.

The team of Beckericher Mühle, Luxemburg, and Pascale Goldenberg, DAI, Freiburg