Keep your Eye on the Planet

For »Keep Your Eye on the Planet« the challenge was to include an embroidered eye or pair of eyes in a textile work measuring 60 × 60 cm; interpreting the theme from a wide variety of viewpoints.

113 works were submitted from 12 countries. The three jury members had the difficult task of choosing 45 to exhibit.

Ecological aspects were the focus of many of these works, especially the ocean which makes up two thirds of the earth’s surface. Compassion for our fellow man is ardently expressed in several submissions.

Contemplating the expressive portraits we are encouraged to take care of our planet and treat each other with respect. Rößler-Wacker’s »Everyone should be seen through the same eyes« embodies the appeal that we want to voice with the presentation of this wandering exhibit.

A catalogue was published in the publishing house MaroVerlag. The gallery book shows each artwork in its entirety and a detail thereof. Interspersed are short stories from Afghanistan, including Persian poetry and verses that illustrate tradition and reality in that faraway land. Enhancing and complementing our theme, are the interactive art projects of Astrid J. Eichin and Elisabeth Masé and the initiative »Peace of Paper« from Munich.
You can order the book here.

List of works shown here:
»Wood’s Bruised Heart (Remembering John Nash)« | Cas Holmes | United Kingdom
»Metamorphose, the Coral Reef« | Marie-Christine Hourdebaigt | France
»Postcard« | Françoise Laurent | France
»Eden Watch« | Christiane Noltinck | Belgium
»Pain in My Heart« | Barbara Rentrop-Mertner | Germany
»Ressourcen« — »Resources« | Sylvia Tischer | Germany
»Keep your eye open to the planet« | Elisabeth Vereycken | Belgium
»Betty Blue« | Deena Beverley | United Kingdom
»Keep your Eye on the Planet — Give a Face to the People« | Charlotte Heuel | Germany
»The Freedom Dreamers« | Phuong Coulot | France
»Everyone should be seen through the same eyes« | Margreth Rößler-Wacker | Germany
»The Tree« | Véronique Douillet | France
»Save the Bees« | Anita Fors | Sweden
»Save the Earth« | Bettina Jakob | Germany
»Where has all the plastic gone?« | Lisa Marie Röhrl | Germany
»Sieh genau hin!« — »Look closely!« | Maike Süberkrüb | Germany
»Don’t lose sight of … the world« | Luitgard Möschle | Germany
»Furrows« — « Sillons » — »Furchen« | Léna Meszaros | France
»We are all migrants on our earth!« | Michèle Hochard | France
»You can’t eat trash« — »Müll kann man nicht essen« | Gabi Heimann | Germany