In the winter of 2018/19 we introduced a fundraising campaign with embroidered coats, which will benefit our Embroidery-emergency-aid.
The Guldusi embroidery programme is organized in such a way that it is self-supporting through the sale of the embroidery. At the same time, we maintain an emergency-aid-programme, which is financed by donations. Funds from this pot provide financial support for embroiderers who are too old or too ill to continue embroidering. With the money, we also help mothers whose embroidery activity is insufficient to support the family. All these women are widows.

Longtime friends of Guldusi have artistically processed such coats. Collage-like small designs were created, Din A4 to A3 in size, which are presented here. Ulrike Döller, with her light-hearted sense of humour, started it and soon inspired the French Martine Molet to create a small, sweet and sour production. Heidi Zinner has a wonderful way of matching colours, harmonious and exciting at the same time. Some of these designs can be purchased, and the proceeds go to the project as a donation. Thank you in advance for your support!

Please get in touch if you want to purchase one of the available designs.

If you want to create your own art work, you can find embroidered coats in our shop.