The exhibition HAND in HAND

“Hand in hand”. Hands … give, take, ask, pray, speak, show, greet, care for, pamper and much more. They are violent and delicate, they can be artistically designed, they create art.

In German, the term HAND in HAND can stand for a term that does not exist in either English or French. This can mean that someone has started something that is being continued or completed by a second person.
In this case, the title fits perfectly with the embroidery program, the concept of which envisages an Afghan woman starting the creative work and a European continuing it.
Another possibility of understanding is the usual one with the other languages: you tackle something together, strive for a goal together.

The exhibition “Hand in Hand” presents 47 textile works, each with an area of ​​0.6 m². Each design integrates at least one embroidered hand from Afghanistan, thus forming collaborative works, a bridge between cultures.
HAND in HAND is the latest exhibition of the Guldusi embroidery program.

You can see hier a short choice of the exhibition:
Christel Kohl _ Afghanistan braucht viele Hände, die Frieden schaffen …
Eva Wöhrl – Safe and protect in your hands
Bärbel Helfrich – Verstand
Gabi Heimann – Together one …
Rosemarie Hoffmann – Zuversicht immer
Greta Friggens – From hand to hand, from vine to wine.
Joelle Vétillard – Homage to une aubergine unlove
Gruppe Filzwerk Odenwald: Karin, Heidrun, Christine, Isolde, Christa – busy hands
Ursula Brenner – some connections – some stories
Marie-Christine Hourdebaigt – Les couleurs de la vie
Betinna Jakob – We are all one
Gruppe Claudia, Jutta, Heike, Susanne, Silke, Marion, Kerstin, Katja – SchöpferKraft – La Créativité
Marijke van Welzen – Creating Together
Ingrid Meier – hand in hand: Helen, Marzia and me
Colette Virot – Together
Luitgard Möschle – Little sister dance with me, both my hands I give to thee.
Monika Häussler-Göschl – Pulling in the same direction – an einem Strang ziehen
Nadja Hormisch – LONG MARCH
Adelheid Lau – Voneinander lernen