This competition asked for a textile piece containing an Afghan embroidery of a letter motif. Each of the 41 pieces was to be a four-hands-work, resulting in symbolically effective textile works, not only combining two techniques but also – more importantly – connecting two cultures.

The Afghan embroidery was to be incorporated into an individual composition of the format A4 to A3, thus sticking to the classic proportions of a page of writing.

The work was supposed to express a message, whether it was an abstract composition of illegible signs or a legible text. The embroidery had to have its place in it, either as a decorative letter as in medieval illuminated books, or somewhere randomly in the work, but visible, at any rate.

This MESSAGE could be directed at the creators themselves, familiar, loved or even unknown persons or generally at others, eg. all mankind.

We are showing a small representative selection here, so that you feel encourage to see more at exhibitions.