A Sign of Solidarity
The creative working up of a hand embroidered cow can be seen as a sign of solidarity with the embroiderers in the Afghan villages, as well as recognition of their progress.

Recognizing that the country is still at war, it is a concrete statement against the remark „it’s not getting better in Afghanistan“.

The exhibit COWandMORE will be shown in many places proving that people in different cultures can work together.

Embroidered cows are available in the Shop.

A cooperation among four partners:
The German-Afghan Initiative (DAI e.V.), MADEIRA Garne, BERNINA International and the German Patchwork Gilde e.V.

The works shown here are made by:

Maria Drachsel, Afghanistan – wie vor 40 Jahren?
Claudia Arndt, handeln. heilen. hüten.
Ingrid Eckert, Von Menschen und Kühen
Marianne Bender-Chevalley, Poya
Karin Engert und Frances Fry, All we are saying is GIVE PEACE A CHANCE
Franziska Braun-Wiedmann, Eine Kuh macht Muh – zwei Kühe machen Mühe
Patricia Fuentes, Frozan’s village
Bettina Jakob, no title
Nathalie Langehegermann, Die Kuh / Frederick & Pigelddy
Beatrice Lohse und Beate Schmidt, Missachtung – Wertschätzung
Annemarie Pattis, COW AND NOW? Kühe Mitschuld am Klimawandel????
Elsbeth Nusser-Lampe, Black Forrest Meeting
Barbara Wartenberg, Friedliches Leben – Leben in Frieden
Marianne Perrinjaquet, GEMEINSAM
Barbara Rentrop-Mertner, Going Home
Marijke van Welzen, Happy Place
Josée Scheller, Kuh-Parade
Luitgard Möschle, Ene mene muh!