Documentary exhibition

The embroidery project in Laghmani in Afghanistan has been running since 2004. This exhibition describes its development. Between 206 and 175 embroiderers (differing form year to year) take part in this embroidery project. They have re-learned embroidering, or, like the younger girls, are currently learning it. The execution of the embroideries has made wonderful and surprising progress, for the embroiderers’ imagination is limitless and some of the embroidered squares are truly small pictures in their own right. The embroiderers develop their motifs themselves, so that there are no two identical squares. The only thing in common is that all of them have to measure 8cm square.

In the meantime – since 2006 – the project has become financially self-sufficient, thanks to the work of many voluntary helpers in Europe. Since 2006, one embroidered piece from each lot has been retained instead of being sold in order to document the project. Due to the financial situation this small deduction is possible. Numerous works done in Europe are added, supplementing the exhibition in a meaningful way. Embroidered cloth or object, all items are accompanied by an explanatory text.

In 2013, the exhibition has reached a length of 60 metres.

The presentation on this website is not complete as it just wants to convey an overall impression.

The project is handled by Deutsch-Afghanische Initiative e.V. in Freiburg, originator and manager Pascale Goldenberg.