The embroidery threads

Small orange cloth from Latifa that I brought from a visit in spring 2006. During our various attempts to enlarge and improve the project, we, four women from Freiburg, dyed some threads with the chemical “Procion” colours. The squares done with these special threads are very beautiful; however, preparation time is too long to continue this experiment.

Linen Patchwork: Simultaneously with this experiment, Isabelle Girodet, a French specialist in plant dyes, made us a present of 500 grams of plant-dyed threads (bead yarns). These embroidered squares are also very interesting; however, once again, this experiment could not be continued due to the enormous amount of time required for the dyeing process. P. G. has created this rustic linen quilt from some of the embroideries obtained from it, to use for documentary purposes.

Halema’s cloth: In 2010 Isabelle Girodet dyed another batch of threads (white and semi-white cotton mouline, the sort Afghan women normally use for embroidering). The results are absolutely convincing; time and effort, however, are extraordinary, so that such activities can only be pursued occasionally. At Google’s Virtual Gallery, a new album has been opened to offer these special embroideries (enter: picasa pascale goldenberg). Orders are always managed by Pascale Goldenberg.

Embroidering threads from the Madeira Company in Freiburg.

From the start, the Madeira Company ( in Freiburg’s industrial zone has been presenting the Project with the required embroidering threads in cones or packages. Unfortunately, it is impossible to find a similar quality directly in Afghanistan. Moreover, it means a substantial cost reduction to us. Madeira also finance the packaging and the flyers.

A huge THANK YOU to Madeira-Garne!