At the start of autumn, 23rd September 2018, there was an invitation to participate in the competition AUTUMN. We ordered 8 x 8cm embroideries with harvest motifs or leaves from Afghanistan. There, pomegranates, anar in Farsi, are also ripe – bright red fruit, with a smooth, shiny, or leathery surface. There were also embroideries with pomegranate motifs available for the competition, as a metaphorical bridge between the cultures.
The task required a piece of textile work of art or craftsmanship. Each piece was to contain at least one “autumn” embroidery from Afghanistan. The interpretation of the topic allowed for various ways of espression – harvest, end of summer, transience etc.

All textiltechniques were accepted. Participants could work by hand or with machines; a combination of various techniques was also possible. The embroidery was to be the starting point of inspiration. The size was optional.

For many years, the textile market Benediktbeuren in the Bavarian alpine upland has been a constant date in the calendar of connoisseurs of qualitatively outstanding offers. It has been enchanting all potential buyers with its diversity of valuable products from various areas of textile handicrafts, all individually and artistically made, all of them unique items.
In this wonderful setting, the results of the GULDUSI competition “autumn” were also presented. Imaginative, profound, practical and compassionate works had been selected by the jury rom the items submitted. All of them were based on the incorporation of at least one piece of embroidery with an autumn motif. It became evident how women in far-off Afghanistan had transformed fruit, vegetables and colourful autumn leaves into gaudy embroideries, and how Europeans had taken up these “small” inspirations and had processed them further: Extremely delightful and excellently presented!
A collection of texts from international literature and poetry offered a harmonious supplement of these textile objects. Carefully selected and very fittingly placed, they connected various arts – across borders.
27.3.2020 – u.brenner