Monika Sebert-Müller
„Shafigas Flowers“
Embroiderer Shafiga

While I was working, I kept wondering, how does Shafiga live? Does she have children?
How does she cope with the circumstances of her life? What does embroidering for Europe mean to her?
Her flowers are telling me something about her: they are very colourful, maybe she is happy. The shapes are clear and simple, perhaps her personality is equally uncomplicated. Or maybe she is simply yearning for a happy, uncomplicated life. What would she make of us and of the quilt her embroidered flower squares have been integrated into? I tried to make her flowers shine even more brightly and to highlight her embroidery within a simple patchwork without competing with her.

“Shafiga’s Flowers”, quilt by Monika Sebert-Müller